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How To Build Your Business Faster… Without Fear, Anxiety, Objections or Rejection!

My Ecourse Shows How to Make Objections, Rejection,
High Attrition and Buyers Remorse a Thing Of The Past

Do potential customers and partners react to you defensively… reject you and your offers, and leave you feeling down and discouraged?

Do you find the selling techniques and systems that work for some Sales People and Distributors… just don’t feel right for you?

What if there was a reason for this…?

What if the reason that only a very small percentage of sales people and distributors are really successful, is simply because the conventional sales techniques they use suits only their style and personality, and works for them… but, won’t work for you…


What if you could get rid of the gut wrenching sales training
techniques and systems that actually CAUSE rejection and objections?


You will get INSTANT, POSITIVE & MEASURABLE RESULTS in an atmosphere where you, and every person you talk with, are totally comfortable… ALL THE TIME!

You can learn skills based on proven and effective natural principles that will:

  1. ELIMINATE rejection and objections
  2. ELIMINATE your anxiety or fear about talking with people
  3. Be aligned with your own values
  4. Allow you to effectively and comfortably attract the money, relationships, and life you seek.

I’m Michael Oliver… the founder of Natural Selling®. Over the last 15 years I have helped tens of thousands people worldwide expand their businesses and achieve outstanding personal results.

I use an effective holistic approach that takes the fear, tension and anxiety out of selling, by learning how to eliminate rejection and objections, so you can attract more customers and grow your business faster!

Allow me to share with you the “inner” and “outer” secrets of how to have an effective Natural Selling® Dialogueand be able to talk with anyone, anywhere, anytime – effectively, easily and effortlessly… Guaranteed!

Discover for yourself…

How To Build Your Business Faster…
Without Fear, Anxiety, Objections or Rejection!

Find out…

  • Why presenting what you think are the benefits of your solution, or telling your story (when you first talk with someone), hardly ever works, and almost always results in rejection and objections…
  • Why using conventional selling techniques like objection handling and closing, rapidly increases the rejection and objection rate… and your fear of talking with people.
  • Why using techniques is hard work, adversarial and causes high attrition in your downline and customer base.

Then Discover…

  1. How “Asking the right types of questions at the right time” will make the difference between success and failure. (Note: These are not manipulative questions!)
  2. Why knowing how to listen and respond to what they say and mean, always works.
  3. How “The Magic and Power of Dialogue” completely eliminates rejection, objections, and… your own reluctance to talk with people.
  4. How you can have a practical, proven, effective and comfortable way of talking with anyone, anywhere, anytime… Guaranteed!
  5. How to have people automatically listen to you.
  6. Why allowing people to naturally persuade themselves to look at your products or business opportunity is more effective than trying to persuade them yourself!
  7. How to sell more products, grow your business, retain your customers and partners and to do it all with effortless ease.

Sounds like what you’ve been looking for? Feel there must be “another way”? Then as the next step I invite you to take my “7 Steps to Rejection Free Natural Selling” ecourse.

Each day, for 7 days, I will send you an email that will focus on a specific idea and a brief exercise to help you put the ideas you learn into practice straight away.

Here’s some of what’s in the ecourse…

  • What really causes rejection and objections.
  • Why building your business based on solid principles, and not techniques and systems, will eliminate rejection and attract people to you.
  • Knowing the critical difference between focusing on your Purpose or your Personal Agenda, and how it can change your outcome… every time!
  • The Power behind Asking Questions.
  • The Magic of Listening and how it alone will draw people to you like a magnet
  • How to allow people to persuade themselves to look at your solutions…
  • And much, much more!!

At the end of the course, you’ll have a solid grasp of how “Natural Selling” can help you discover the truth about selling and allow you to start applying the ideas in your business to get the results you want.


As an added bonus, you’ll also join the tens of thousands of members who receive the weekly “Michael Oliver’s Natural Selling Tips” newsletter. Each issue contains “hands on” information you can immediately use.

Find out how Natural Selling can create for you the inner and outer success you’re looking for, as it’s done for thousands of others. Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out NOW!

Make a difference in your life as well as the lives of others.

To your success…


Natural Selling® Sales Training
For Personal & Business Success

P.S. I guarantee 100% if the foundation of what you are currently doing isn’t working for you, and you continue doing it, tomorrow will yield the same results. Change the foundation, change the results.