A Natural Selling Conversation With Great Results!

Here is a real Natural Selling conversation that ended and continued with a new customer…

  1. Taking their nutritional supplements regularly and understanding the necessity for doing so
  2. Not once having to be called to make sure they were still taking them
  3. And… if they stopped for a while, called to say they felt negligent and were going right back on them again

How would you like all YOUR customers to feel and act the same way? That would be terrific wouldn’t it?

The way to do this is to:

  • Allow them to discover the advantages and personal benefits for themselves
  • Come to their own logical conclusion about the necessity for taking them
  • Never once pressure or directly persuade them to take action

This is how the conversation went:

Bill: have you ever thought of taking nutritional supplements?

No! Why would I want to do that?

Well what about increasing, maintaining or protecting your health?

Hmmm… I’m already healthy… I’m hardly ever sick and usually feel really good. I can see that nutritional supplements might be useful but why would I want to spend the money when I don’t need them?

Good point, though let me ask you… where do you buy your food?

From the supermarket like most people!

And do you get your vegetables, fruit and meat from the organic sections or the other sections…?

Are you kidding? That organic stuff is expensive…!

OK! Do you know how non-organic fruit and vegetables are grown nowadays?

What do you mean?

Well… for example, do you know what is put into the ground to make the food grow…?

Yes! Fertilizers of course!

And what kind of fertilizer mostly… chemically based or natural organic based fertilizers?

I believe chemicals. It makes the food grow faster and gets more crops out of the field more often… is that right?

That’s right. And also, what do they spray on the food to protect it from bugs?

Pesticides and herbicides…

And are those chemical or naturally based?

Chemical, I guess?

So what do you think ends up being IN and ON the food you eat?


Have you ever thought that the chemicals used to grow and spray on the food stay in your body after you have eaten it? That the chemicals sprayed ONTO your fruit are absorbed BY the fruit and end up in you… and no amount of surface washing is going to change that? How do you think you’re body feels about that?

I hadn’t really thought about that.

And what about the air we breathe?

Yes, I know it’s getting pretty polluted isn’t it?

Polluted with what?


Yes… and if you’re breathing it in, where do you think it stays?

In the body?

And do you think that is a good thing or a bad thing?

I would think a bad thing.

Yes… and have you thought about what THOSE chemicals are doing to your body?

Well I’m sure you’re about to let me know!!

Well, let me put it this way. Can you think of some of the major illnesses and diseases we face everyday?

Heart disease, stroke, cancer…

Did you know that these are modern day diseases that started occurring when we replaced natural fertilizers with chemical fertilizers during the beginning of the last century? Did you know there was very little heart disease and cancer before then, and now it’s grown into epidemic proportions?

I had no idea!

Me neither until someone told me! Do you know what anti oxidants are?

No I don’t, what are they?

Well, they are like good guys in your body. They can be found in healthy food that is grown without chemicals… and also in good nutritional supplements. They protect your body from diseases by helping to maintain your immune system. If you don’t have enough antioxidants the oxidants from the polluted food and air can eventually overwhelm your immune system and cause you to be sick.

Can you see the reasons now why nutritional supplements are so important, combined with healthy eating and good exercise? I care about your health because I would like to see you around for a long time. The question is, do you care enough about it as well?

OK! It sounds like you’ve got a good point… so how much are they?

$80 a month for all the basics.

$80 a month!! That’s expensive!

What do you consider expensive…?

Well that’s a chunk of change for nutritional supplements… I could buy organic food for less than that.

Can you? Have you checked how much organic food is and how much you would need to get even close to what a good supplementation will give you? You can find out for yourself… and what you’ll find is that it would cost you about four times what I just quoted you… Also, what if you compare what you’ll pay today with what it might cost you later if you don’t start protecting your body now?

OK!  You got me convinced… what do we do next… tell me more about what I need?

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