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If you’re serious about making more money from your direct sales or Network Marketing business,
this letter will be of great interest to you.

Because even some of the most experienced Network Marketers can get bpthat “sinking feeling” right after they start a conversation with a potential business partner or customer.

So, please read carefully what I have to say…

I was reading a magazine article the other day about the characteristics of peak performers in sports, the arts and business. One of the things top performers do, of course, is master the basics in their field.

In any area there are typical situations that come up over and over again. And the top professionals practice and rehearse so they intuitively know what to do when they face a particular problem or challenge.

In tennis, for example, someone like Roger Federer doesn’t have to think twice before returning serve with a blistering shot.

It’s the same in MLM and Network Marketing. Particularly when you’re introducing your business and products.

There are certain situations that come up over and over again. If you prepare for them, then they need cause you no difficulties.

In fact, you can smile quietly to yourself. Confident that you’ll know exactly what to do and say, whatever comes up.

Let me explain further what I mean…

Why Some People Almost Always Get Great Results
When They Introduce Their Business And Products

The secret lies in knowing the core skills of interacting with people, together with knowing how to
apply those skills in a specific situation.

For example, as you go about building your business, you’ll find the same hurdles come up. Here are some typical situations you’ll face on your road to success…

  • Some people will be flat-out terrified about anything connected to selling
  • Clients aren’t using the products they bought from you
  • Someone might be in obvious physical discomfort and you know you can help them. But when you offer assistance they don’t seem interested
  • You’ll be talking with someone and they ask “What do you do?”
  • A friend or colleague really wants to make a change in their life but they seem unable to take action

…and I’m sure you can think of many more.

As these situations come up all the time, doesn’t it make sense to be prepared for them? Just like top performers do in any field?

Of course, it can be hard to prepare on your own. That’s why top professionals have a coach.

That’s where the this audio program “Introducing Your Business And Products” comes in. It’s like me being there with you to prepare for those common situations that you face every day.

I’ve selected a series of role plays that show the best way to deal with the typical problems you face as you go about building your Network Marketing business.

On these audio’s you will hear for yourself and absorb this powerful information.

The result is that you’ll automatically know what to say and do when any of these potentially troubling situations rear their ugly head.

And this program will be a resource you can refer to again and again. An indispensable guide to handling those issues that come up all the time.

Without further ado, let me walk you through the role plays included in the program. You can see and hear for yourself exactly to get the results you want “Introducing Your Business And Products”.

Role Play #1
What To Do When They Ask “Do I Have To Sell?”

Many people won’t want to join your business simply because they are terrified at the idea of selling.

But I’ll show you the easy way to get them past their terror and let them focus on the benefits and opportunity you can offer them.

As well as demonstrating the simple way to address this concern, the role play covers…

  • Why it’s important to address any concerns up front and not simply gloss over them. If you don’t handle this correctly to start with, you’ll suffer later
  • How to make anyone feel like they’re talking with an old friend. This will make all your conversations more relaxed and more productive
  • The easy way to build credibility and rapport very quickly. No, it doesn’t involve “matching and mirroring” or other fancy tricks!

Once you’ve listened to this role play, you’ll see how you can confidently respond when the subject of selling comes up.

The next role play covers a situation that can be the source of great frustration…

Role Play #2
When They Say Something – It’s True

One of the most powerful ways of getting someone to see the benefits of your products is to have them come to that conclusion on their own.

But how do you get them to come to that conclusion without you having to say it to them?

This role play answers that question and solves the problem of getting people to understand the value of your products once and for all.

You’ll also learn…

  • How to start the conversation so that when you introduce your products the other person will be keen to listen
  • A mistake to avoid when you’re talking with someone about a health problem
  • How to clearly establish the value of your products in the mind of the other person
  • The huge benefit that can come from asking this tiny little question
  • What to do so that the right person is guaranteed to try your product
  • Why price won’t be an issue if you present your product the right way

The information in this role play alone will help you sell more of your products. And you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve been able to help someone who needs what you have to offer.

Let’s now take a look at a different type of issue that comes up…

Role Play #3
How To Help Others Motivate And Qualify Themselves

Often, the most valuable thing you can do is help someone make a decision about something that they have already been thinking about. Many times, people just need some guidance from you in finding the way.

As I often say, “People have the answers. All you need are the right questions!”

Of course, by helping others you will prosper yourself.

In this role play I’m talking with Joel. Network Marketing looks perfect for what he wants to do with his life. He just needs to discover this for himself.

Some of the lessons here…

  • A simple way to start any conversation so that it naturally leads into your business and products
  • A common mistake that people make that can mean you totally miss an opportunity
  • Warning! Don’t do this or you risk the conversation ending abruptly
  • How to absolutely guarantee that someone will be interested in what you have to say about your business
  • Some people will advise you to avoid this topic. That’s a big mistake and it will cause problems in your business

So does Joel discover what he needs?

And one thought back to you, just from my end of it. I mean, nobody’s ever done this in two years, and so it just shows me that, my goodness, you don’t really know somebody until you start talking to them.

You just learned a bit more about yourself, that’s all, Joel.

Yeah, I really did. Boy, that shows me the reasons why I’m doing this. If someone doesn’t help you with this, you have to do it on your own, and chances are you may or may not do it.

The great thing about this business is that when you do it properly, everyone wins.

Let’s continue on to the role plays on the second audio…

Role Play #4
What To Say When They Ask “What Do You Do?”

One of the most valuable tools available to you is your “Personal Introduction”. This is a great way to respond when someone asks “What Do You Do?”

The Personal Introduction…

  • Makes the most of the critical first 30 seconds when someone decides if they want to carry on talking with you
  • Immediately makes you stand out from the crowd and creates interest in you and what you do
  • Will usually be a great way to start off a productive conversation when you use it with the right question to the other person

This is a short role play but it’s a great example of this very powerful tool that will pay huge dividends for you.

Next we revisit a previous topic…

Role Play #5
I Don’t Want to Be A Salesperson

The concern over selling and what it involves comes up often. So it’s well worth spending some more time on the topic.

This time we look at it from a different perspective. What you’ll discover is that selling and promoting your business can be a very comfortable and enjoyable experience.

In fact, one that can feel as natural as any conversation you might have with your closest friend.

And that really is the key to making people comfortable with the idea of selling.

What this role play is about is asking the question…

“What if selling isn’t what you think it is?”

We also cover…

  • Why meeting someone in person isn’t always the most productive thing to do (and what’s a better alternative)
  • How to involve the only person who can help someone solve their problems
  • The simple way to address not just this concern but any issue that comes up for someone

Any time the topic of selling comes up you can relax. You’ll know exactly what to say and do.

Next we look at a source of huge frustration for many Network Marketers…

Role Play #6
How To Motivate Customers To Use Your Product

If you haven’t already encountered the following situation, it’s almost certain that you will at some time in your Network Marketing career.

Have you ever followed up with a customer, or someone who is trialing your product, only to find that they’re not using it for one reason or another?

It’s a big problem.

If they don’t use and feel the benefits of your product, they won’t be a customer much longer. All the initial work you put in will have been wasted.

So, what do you do?

There’s a simple and easy solution that you’ll discover in this role play. Also…

  • Warning! Don’t do this or you’ll have no chance of them using your product
  • The types of questions to use so that they will enthusiastically get the products out of the cupboards and start using them
  • A little thing you need to do if you want lasting results

The great thing about this situation is that you get the best result for both you and your customer. No more frustration with people not using your products when you know they would benefit.

Let’s move on…

Role Play #7
Let Your Business Give Them The Feelings They Want And They’ll Want Your Business

Connecting with someone’s feelings can be very powerful when you’re looking to help them find what they want.

However, there are traps for the unwary and you need to approach any conversation the right way. That’s what this role play is all about.

I’m talking with Sandy who seems an ideal candidate. By using the proven principles of dialogue we quickly get to the point where Sandy’s ready to join your business.

Some of the things this role play highlights are…

  • The 2 types of questions to use so that you don’t end up being rejected early in the conversation
  • How to make sure you connect with someone and quickly build the relationship
  • Something to avoid doing otherwise you’ll find yourself back at square one with someone
  • The right way to provide someone with more information about your company if you want them to join your team
  • The critical thing that is the key to someone becoming a customer or joining your business. It’s more important than the compensation plan, your products or how long your company has been in business
  • Knowing when it’s actually essential to present your opportunity otherwise you’ll lose the chance to bring someone into your team

The tips and approach you learn here will make all the difference when you’re talking with someone about joining your team. You’ll avoid mistakes that could result in losing a great opportunity.

In the final role play, we look at another way to help you sell more products…

Role Play #8
How To Be An Effective Product Consultant

This role play covers something you can use when you’re speaking with someone who is not just satisfied but very happy using a competing product!

On the face of it, not a very promising situation.

However, there’s a simple question you can use in any situation which may be the key to unlocking an opportunity for you. It works like “Magic” a lot of the time and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it can work for you.

That brings us to the end of the role plays included in the program. So that you get the most from “Introducing Your Business And Products”, I’ve included the following extra section…

The Core Skills That Give You The Secret To Better Results

As well as the audio’s containing the role plays, there’s an extra audio where I explain the best way to use dialogue and how to get the most from listening to the role plays.

This special audio is included in every edition of the “Power UP Your Dialogue” series. It’s there to make sure you get the most out of the information and to make each edition in the series a self-contained program.

Here’s some of the things I talk about…

  • 3 key ideas to concentrate on, so that you get the most from listening to the role plays
  • The secret reason why dialogue is so powerful and why people almost can’t help but be attracted to you
  • The tiny little thing that will make all the difference to the outcome of any conversation
  • Why dialogue is the only approach that really does produce a “Win-Win” outcome
  • How to make sure every conversation ends with a positive result
  • Warning! You must resist the temptation to do this or the “Magic” of dialogue will not happen
  • The 5 reasons why you get such powerful results from dialogue

When you’ve listened to all the audio’s, you can immediately put “Introducing Your Business And Products” to work for you in every meeting and conversation you have.

And the more you listen to these, the more successful you’ll be introducing people to your business and products.

Here’s what some of your fellow Networkers have to say about the program…

“I love the role plays. I learn so much from listening to the flow of a conversation.

I like the ‘what to do’s’ and ‘what not to do’s’ that Michael points out – I need all the help I can get!

I’d absolutely recommend the program. The role plays are very good and the information on how to figure out the next step is important and very helpful.”
Don Shuart, Decatur, GA

“As with all learning and not just self development, you need to listen to the same information given in numerous ways because so often you will miss the lesson if you only hear it one way. Also it enables you to take in the information and relate it to different situation where it could be utilized. During the role plays, Michael has a way of bringing out of the participants real life situations and demonstrates effective solutions using non-threatening principles. He shows you how to have effective conversations using these simple principles.

There are just so many gems in each and all of the Power Up Your Dialogue series. As example, in this set ‘What is important to the person, must become important to you’. Especially when someone expresses a possible negative feeling about something such as selling that could eventually impact their motivation or ability to build a good business.”
Brian Oxley, Tauranga, New Zealand

“LOVED Michael’s ‘Introducing your Business and Products’ as always Michael helps us to understand the “process” of a conversation and by analyzing it piece by piece gives us a greater understanding of When and HOW to ask the right questions and not jump in with our solution too quickly!!’ The role playing is most effective as a learning tool vs. just telling us what to do and not do…… you can hear it unfold ‘Naturally’ and that is what we all face each day… conversations with real people , with real dialogue. Thank You Michael for taking the time to break it down so we can get clear in what we do and make it most effective.”
Linda Cruikshank, Glendale, AZ

Now here’s how to get your own copy of “Introducing Your Business And Products”.

Get The Benefit Of A Personal Coach
But Without Paying The High Price

The role plays that you will be listening to have been carefully selected from dozens of examples. They have been drawn from high-priced private teleclasses and coaching sessions (that cost up to $1000 an hour).

As you listen to these role plays and my comments about them, you’re getting the same benefits as if you were actually part of the coaching class.

It’s probably even better. You’re getting only the best examples and you can listen to them over and over again.

The result is a program where you hear for yourself exactly how to use “Introducing Your Business And Products” to get better results from every conversation you have.

“Introducing Your Business And Products” consists of 3 audio’s and runs for a total of 2 hours 10 minutes.

Private coaching classes with me for this amount of time would cost over $2000. But you won’t have to pay anywhere near this.

Because I want as many of you to have these audio’s as possible, the regular price for this program is just $47.

You Also Get The Transcripts At No Extra Cost

To make “Introducing Your Business And Products” even more useful for you, I arranged to have transcripts made of the audio’s. So, you can read along as you’re listening. You can also refer back to the transcripts at any time.

“It’s great to be able to listen to the lesson and read the transcript. I can print-out the transcript and make my own reference notes on them for future reference.”
Brian Oxley, Tauranga, New Zealand

These transcripts run to 93 pages. They’re in an easy to access PDF format and you can download them straight away.

Normally, these transcripts will cost an additional $29.95.

However, they are included at no extra cost when you order your copy of “Introducing Your Business And Products”.


Here’s My Money Back Guarantee To You

After listening to these audio’s I’m totally confident that you will be able to get more from every conversation.

Of course, as with all “Natural Selling” programs you are covered by my 100% money back guarantee for a full 30 days.

Listen to the audio’s at home, in your car or wherever. The more you listen to them, the better your results will be.

If you honestly don’t think it makes a difference to the effectiveness of your conversations and your results, simply send it back to me and I’ll refund your $47 in full. You’ve got a full 30 days to decide.

To your success!


P.S. The audio’s of “Introducing Your Business And Products” include 8 role plays and contain over two hours of in-depth material to help you sell more products and build a bigger organization.

P.P.S. After listening to “Introducing Your Business And Products” you’ll have the secret to successfully addressing the typical issues that come up every day in your business. You’ll also have your own coaching resource to keep you on the path to success.

P.P.P.S. Remember, you’re covered by my 30 day guarantee. If this program isn’t everything I say it is, you get your $47 back in full.

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