How To Present Without Presenting!

Here’s an interesting question from JY who was reading one of my articles about a Natural Selling Dialogue he listened to in my “Talking With Friends” audio…

“… how do you let people who you know, know what you’re doing, so as to potentially start a conversation about your business?

From my point of view, there is nothing stopping you from telling your friends or people you know, directly.

However, if you start with a one-size-fits-all fire hose presentation you’ll blow most people backwards away from you. Fire hoses exert a lot of pressure and put things out… and the #1 reason for rejection and objections is to talk about your solution too soon!

So how do you connect with people you know, eliminate the rejection factor, and…

Present Without Presenting?

One way is to use a customized version of…Your Natural Selling Personal Introduction Speech!

Here is an example you can use selectively and where it’s appropriate. (Fill in the spaces to personalize it to fit your own and the other persons circumstances…)

  1. You know how I’ve been saying for some while I was tired about (whatever you’re tired about!)
  2. Well, I decided to do something about it and (set myself up in a part/full time business/changed products, etc) so that I can… (your most compelling reasons here)
  3. I know you’ve spoken about (being unhappy with…) and I was wondering… have you ever thought about (doing something like that)?

You see how you turn telling into asking?!!

You then continue, with your Discovering Stage questions using the Natural Selling Dialogue Framework as a guideline.

The Natural Selling Personal Introduction Speech has multiple uses, and I explain and give an example on my audio program “12 Ways To Start Effective Conversations Without Fear“.

Your own personalized version is unarguably one of the most powerful and flexible conversational tools you have at your disposal.

You can modify it to fit all sorts of different situations, such as;

  • Creating specific as well as generic introductions to create interest in what you do.
  • Using it to explain your products when they ask for more details with “What’s in it for them” terms.
  • Turning it into a customized mini presentation after someone has given you some clues there is something missing and they might be open to change.

The main point is… get rid of your need to tell as soon as can.

Instead, find out first… and you’ll not only eliminate rejection, you’ll feel confident, keep your relationships intact and most likely strengthen them!

Take action on what you learned, and let me know how you got on!


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