How To Effectively Call Backs Leads Without Fear!

In the Connecting Stage of the Natural Selling Dialogue Framework, there are many different ways of effectively and comfortably starting a conversation and connecting with people.

Let’s take calling back leads as an example, whether they are self generated through social media or are bought from a reputable lead generation company.

Calling Back Leads

It’s a fact that those who call back their leads, make more money than those who don’t!

Whether they do it themselves or pay someone to do it… the real income comes from having the conversation! Yes… a real live chat or interview to find out whether they are a fit for what you have to offer.

And yet, so few social media and online marketers go beyond texting! They think that it can all be done on line and results show that for most people, this just doesn’t work.

Want to establish an immediate know, like and trust relationship? Then make the call!

Calling back leads is easy, comfortable and effective, if… you change the paradigm of your thinking.

And how do you do that? Start with these easy re-thinking steps…

  • They called or contacted you first! This is NOT a cold call. It’s about the hottest you can get. So be courteous and return it.
  • They are the ones who have declared they have a problem. How do you know? Because they reached out to you and told you! If you don’t call them back to see if you can help, now both of you potentially have a problem!
  • They’re not asking for information. They’re asking for help! BIG difference. Why? Because it changes your mindset 180 degrees from Telling to Asking – “Asking the right types of questions at the right time” – which is more engaging, more meaningful and more productive.Contrary to conventional thinking, your job is not, as soon as you can, to ‘share’, ‘present’, ‘educate’ or even make a sale! This causes resistance! The secret to Natural Selling is to get information first, before giving it!

As a helping and caring person, you now of course are going to get back to them as quickly as you can aren’t you? If you don’t, then it would be like walking along the street and seeing an elderly person fall over and refusing to offer to help in case she might reject you! Now how are you feeling!

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PS: Here is a simple and yet powerful opening question when calling your leads– “What was it about the website/advertisement/what I wrote… that attracted your attention?: Then listen and respond carefully!