Beautiful young woman working on computer and talking on phone

When talking with people one on one, or calling back your leads to follow up about your business or products – the one size fits all approach, does not fit all!

The idea you use the same process no matter who you are talking with – is ludicrous! And yet it’s still being taught and is a major cause of resistance and flat in your face rejection!

So how do you turn this around?

Calling someone you know and a lead who has asked for information, require two entirely different approaches.

Calling Leads

It’s a fact that those who call back their leads, make more money than those who don’t! The real money comes from having the conversation! And yet, so few online marketers will do it!

Calling back leads is easy, comfortable and effective, if.. you change the paradigm of your thinking.

Unlike calling someone you know, calling a lead on is NOT about having a nice chat, creating a relationship and calling them back next week.

It IS about establishing on the first call why they called, what they are looking for and whether they are serious about changing their present situation.

The reason you can get right down to it is because you already know something is missing – that there is a gap between what they have and what they want. Now it’s a matter of allowing them to talk about it and establishing whether it’s important for them take action and resolve it!

And remember,:

  • They called you first! This is NOT a cold call. It’s about the hottest you can get. They called asking for help! And as a caring person, of course you’re going to get back to them as quickly as you can aren’t you?
  • They are the ones with the problem. Not you! You have a potential solution. So be confident, because that is what they are looking for!

If they satisfy you they are serious, then you lightly present your solution and how it can help them as one that appears to be a good fit.

If it’s not… you bow out graciously and let them know that when they’re ready, you’ll still be there. Then clear your mind and move on and talk with others who ARE prepared to change.

It’s that simple!

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Take action on what you have learned and use this simple opening question – What was it about the website that attracted your attention – and listen carefully!

Next week I will talk about how calling people you know requires an entirely different approach, and how you can confidently make every conversation a successful one.