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Make the Magic and Power of
Natural Selling work for you by working one-on-one with me…

Welcome to this next step to Natural Selling Mastery
and your future success!

Please read the following very carefully before you send a request for us to talk!

Are You Committed?

If I asked you if you have the desire to succeed, the answer would almost certainly be “yes!”. BUT, and it’s a big but… that’s not enough! To say that is not enough!

Success requires change… changing the way you think, changing what you say and why you say it, changing what you do and following it up with immediate action!

Therefore, you need to be fully committed about helping yourself move forward from where you are to where you want to go… because I’m fully committed to help you if you are!

In fact, I only do two of these sessions a month so that I have time to concentrate on helping you.

This is a commitment on my part to help you be successful, or be even more successful than you already are!

I say this because you will have access to me at any time for a period of 12 weeks to train, coach and mentor you and answer any questions you have. If necessary we can go beyond that… It’s like having a personal coach in your pocket!

This Course is not for Beginners!

You MUST have gone through my ecourse or introduction to Natural Selling, read my book and/or listened to my audio’s, and most importantly…. Taken ACTION on what you learned.

Mind Set First – Skill Set Second

Remember, Mind Set & Re-Thinking first (and I’m NOT talking about the mindset you hear everyone else talk about which is based on old paradigms)… Skill Set second.

It’s likely that if success is still eluding you you’re still putting Skill Set ahead of Mind Set, and if so, I’ll help you turn that around and then give you the latest up to date Natural Selling “Getting to the Heart Buttons” Approach.


So… if you’ve come this far, and you’re committed to moving forward, the next step is…

You will find a short form to fill in.

When I receive that, I will send you my schedular for a time for us to talk…

We’ll spend about 40 minutes (more if you want it) talking about you, what you’re looking for and whether this course will be a fit for you.

Thanks, and I’m already looking forward to the potential of working with you…!