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Make the Magic and Power of
Natural Selling work for you…
Work one-on-one with me
in a small group of 4 people

Welcome to this next step to Natural Selling Mastery
and your future success!

Please read the following very carefully before you schedule a time for us to talk!

It’s rare I do these courses, so space, as you can imagine… is very limited! In fact…

ALSO NOTE: This course is not for beginners. You MUST have gone through my ecourse or introduction to Natural Selling, read my book and/or listened to my audio’s, and most importantly…. Taking ACTION on what you learned.



The course is in two parts

Part 1. Main Course – 8 sessions over 6 weeks.

Each session is 90 minutes.
This gives us time to work one-one-one (from which everyone learns) as well as in a group. This means you get personal attention as well as the dynamics from working with a close group of dedicated team mates

First 2 weeks: We get together 2X a week for first 2 weeks to recap, gain a strong foundation and get you quickly launched while everything is fresh in your mind

Next 4 weeks: 1 session each week

Part 2. Follow-Up Support – 6 Weeks 

  • 1 group follow up session
  • One-on-one access to me at any time for the next 6 weeks!

Say “YES” if you like that idea!


  • Each session will be recorded so that you can concentrate on the 90 minutes we have together, and can listen and make notes on any points that resonate with you later.
  • You will have your own private Skype Group to stay connected with me and as a team
  • Before each session you will be given an Action Guide you’ll follow and fill in.
  • You’ll hold yourself accountable by completing exercises and talking about them each session.
  • The sessions will be interactive with on the spot role plays
  • During this time you ALSO have access to me, one on one, at any time
  • You’ll have the latest Natural Selling process and languaging skills I’ve developed over the years since I started training tens of thousands of successful distributors and direct sellers nearly 20 years ago…
  • You’ll have access to all my products as free downloads. (Some are no longer available on my website)

Now…I believe you appreciate, this is a serious commitment on my part to help you be successful or be even more successful than you already are.

So IF you’re serious about helping you – I’m serious about helping you!

And if you are, you know what the Next Step is…

Email me at michaeloliver@naturalselling.com and put Mastery in the subject line.  When I get your email we can schedule a time for us to talk…

We’ll spend about 20 minutes (more if you want it) talking about you and what you’re looking for and whether this course will be fit for you.

Remember, you must already be taking action on using Natural Selling to qualify!

Thanks and looking forward to talking with you…!