Myth: More No’s Gets You Closer To A Yes!

I was talking with a friend about how his upline insists his team;

  • Make at least 50 calls or contacts a day
  • Not to spend much time on each call
  • Make the objective of “getting” people to a website where all the information is. (You probably know how I think about this last bit! However, that’s another discussion!)

When my friend expressed his despondency that none of his calls came to anything, his upline’s response was “That’s just great! You achieved your goal for the day. Keep going, you’ll soon find someone who will say yes!”

A Numbers Game?

Unfortunately, his upline is a subscriber to the old myth that calling leads and talking with people is just a numbers game of – More No’s get’s you closer to a Yes!

The truth is… Based on the 3 set objectives – The more No’s you get, the closer you get to more No’s!

Help me out here! I thought the objective is not how many calls you make, the objective is the number of effective, meaningful conversations with people… about their present situation and whether they have a desire to change it!

Arbitrarily setting a goal of calling 50 people a day and rewarding that as an achievement is non-productive thinking. It’s old school!

Not only that, it’s hard work, mentally and physically exhausting, wastes time (time you’ll never get back), and unless you’re one of the very small percentage who thrive on this kind of mental torture, the results will be few and far between!

So is there a more effective way to achieve the results you’re looking for?

Glad you asked!

How about this? Rather than allowing yourself to be guided by someone else’s truth… what if you stopped and created your own?

Here’s a suggestion.

Set a goal of calling a certain number of potential partners/customers each day. Focus your conversation, not on trying to get them to website (it’s a Business Aid – one of many) that you hope will do the selling for you, and instead spend the time finding out whether;

  • They are looking for a change
  • They are prepared to do something about it

THEN steer them toward the right Business Aid that will help them find out more.

If you want to know how to do this effectively – the “Natural Selling” way to call people and grow your business faster –  Then you’ll want to get my audio program “Calling Leads“.

This 4 CD program will help you get the right mindset and approach to call, create immediate rapport, talk with and enrol potential customers and partners.

Then… you won’t have to deal with the frustration and rejection that results from the “numbers game” thinking and approach.



What if you;

  • STOPPED doing what you’re told to do just because you’re told to do it (By the way – that includes me if something I say doesn’t work for you!)?
  • FIND a way that does work for you, stick with it, and use it as a basis on which to succeed?

Mu audio program “Calling Leads” will help you do that!