Why Your Leads Go Into “Witness Protection” – And What To Do About It

An unfortunate and common occurrence in Network Marketing and Direct Sales is the “No Show” factor.

This is where your potential customers/business partners…

  • Don’t take action after agreeing to do so
  • Don’t show up when you call back

It appears they’ve sought Witness Protection!

Not showing up is a problem, and the problem could be you – if you didn’t first show up for them!

What do I mean by this?

For example, when you first speak to people;

  • Do you take the time to ask the right types of questions, listen with the intent to understand, learn and respond appropriately to their answers?
  • Are you “meeting them where they really are”, before telling them about where you are?
  • Are you allowing them to feel consciously and sub-consciously, heard, appreciated and understood?

If you are, they’ll usually do what you suggest, and be there when you call the second time.

If you’re not, and all you do is treat them as another cog in your wheel of chance called “The Numbers Game”, which is like throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping some of it will stick… then it’s unlikely they’ll stick around!

And it’s not always because they’re not motivated to make a change.

It’s because they don’t TRUST you have their best interests at heart!

And why would that be?

Well, their frame of reference (thinking) when you first call, is hardly likely to be the same as yours.

Yes, they might express a desire to make more money, have more time and be free (just like you)… and that would be a logical parallel frame of reference.

But there it ends. Because most people don’t just want something based on objective logic. There are reasons why they want what they want.

And… It’s About Their Reasons – Not Yours!

Their reasons will be totally different than yours.

Their reasons will different than other peoples.

Their reasons are their real frame of reference.

Not only that, included in that frame of reference is the possible baggage of their fears; fear of never being in business before, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of selling, fear of you even! Baggage they’ve accumulated over the years that has prevented them from getting what they deeply want.

And if you don’t ask about, acknowledge and genuinely address those fears, (and not by using insane objection handling techniques that will have you shown the door more often than not) and just plunge in with your solution… their fears will always be there!

So ask, listen and appropriately respond, and your leads will tell you everything you and they need to know about what they want, why they want it and whether they are serious enough to put in the time and effort to get it.fearless-sm

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You’ll hear and learn the mindset and skillset of how to talk with people, so that they’ll trust and respect you enough to have a look at how your solution will help them.

And most importantly they will be there when you call them back.

Have a peaceful and prosperous week…

For Your Personal and Professional Success

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