How To Have Fearless Conversations… And Build Your Business Faster, Without Fear, Rejection Or Objections!

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If you’re serious about wanting to make your business succeed through direct sales or network marketing business, and you’re…

  • Worn out by the amount of rejection and resistance you’re getting…
  • Frustrated with hearing the words “not interested”, “You’ve got to be joking?”, “I don’t have enough time”…?

…then it could be simply that what you’re missing are some fundamental skills…

AUTHENTIC skills to help you change what you’re thinking, how you’re thinking and what you’re saying…

How To Have Fearless Conversations…
And Build Your Business Faster, Without Fear,
Rejection Or Objections!

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It could also be that without knowing it, you’re still using old sales techniques that aren’t working for you… techniques such as…

  • Telling your story, or presenting your solution as soon as you can
  • Trying to get someone to do something such as listen to a CD, watch a DVD or website presentation
  • Using closing and overcoming objections techniques

If this looks or sounds like you, then you might simply be missing some fundamental skills… AUTHENTIC skills that will help you achieve the results you want by changing…

  • What you’re thinking
  • How you’re thinking
  • What you’re saying/asking
  • How you’re responding

Whether you are new to the industry, or a veteran looking to reinforce your skills on how to effectively connect with people – Now is the time take a massive transformational leap forward, and…

Discover How To Apply The Inner And Outer Secrets
Of Growing Your Business Faster, Without Fear,
Anxiety or Losing Your Friends! … For Lasting Results

In an extraordinary Tele-Training/Coaching Audio Program I’ve created from live training programs, you can see, feel, hear and learn – FIRST HAND how to…

  • Talk easily with anyone, anywhere, anytime… without anxiety or fear
  • Change your thinking so that potential customers and partners are drawn to you… not resist you
  • Build instant rapport and be in control of the conversation (and well as yourself!) from the moment you introduce yourself
  • Know exactly what to ask and listen for that causes your potential partners to actually influence themselves to look at your opportunity
  • Eliminate rejection and objections… without using mind games or mental tricks
  • Know when to use your present “system” so that it works for both you AND your potential partner/customer
  • INSPIRE your potential partners/customers to motivate themselves to want to listen to you and take the next step
  • Respond to people’s questions and concerns without using overcoming objection techniques (APPLY this one thing and it will alter your life and pay for the training ten times over!)
  • Get higher enrollment while talking with fewer people in less time
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce your attrition


  • Let your potential partner tell YOU what you need to say to help them join you
  • Master the art of uncovering and exploring the real needs, wants and desires of your potential partners by using “real” world questioning and listening skills
  • Develop the art and science of “asking the right types of questions at the right time”
  • Learn WHY to ask 7 different types of questions and WHEN to ask them that will lay out the red carpet for you
  • Ask the one powerful question to help people see, hear and feel their needs more clearly so that they automatically INSPIRE themselves to look more closely at your solution
  • Learn how to discern what is being “meant as well as what is being said” so that you know how to respond
  • Discover the one critical listening ingredient that will relax or eliminate any defense of people you talk with
  • Automatically have people listen to you
  • Learn how to be conscious of your words so that they work for you and not against you
  • Make a natural compelling presentation every time, by personalizing and explaining your business opportunity in a way that immediately attracts the other person to join you

This audio program is for you… Only IF…

  1. You’re COMMITTED to being a FEARLESS AUTHENTIC MASTER of conversation…
  2. You’re COMMITTED and actively engaged in talking with people…
  3. You’re COMMITTED and serious about wanting you and your business to grow

The DESIRE TO CHANGE your present situation and the commitment to do so is what it takes to achieve success.

You’re looking for this in your potential partners and customers… so don’t you think it’s important to start with yourself?

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$97 – Downloadable MP3’s
Instant Access

 What Is Included In This Extraordinary Training/Coaching
Audio Program?

  • Receive the latest CUTTING EDGE Natural Selling concepts and language patterns
  • 7.5 hours of training/coaching by me in digital format delivered by downloading the audios directly to your computer
  • 4 individual coaching sessions plus a follow-up Q & A session
  • Supporting material including transcripts, tips and exercises
    Hear me role-playing, interacting and coaching a group so that you can hear and feel what it’s like and what to do

A Bonus audio of a 60 minute discussion between Fredric Lehrman and myself. (Fredric is the author of the well-known Nightingale-Conant Audio program, “Prosperity Consciousness”. His is the original teaching program that many of the current financial gurus used as the basis of their seminars).

An internationally-known Tai Chi teacher, Fredric calls Natural Selling – “The Tai Chi of Selling”;. Hear why, and what it means to you.

We will also talk about the “Inner Factors That Cause Outer Success” … how it will help strengthen your own professional and personal self-mastery and accelerate your business! It’s DEFINITELY something you will want to be part of.

Save Off My Regular Coaching

My regular fee for one on one coaching is $1,000 an hour. Here you have 7.5 hours of live group coaching for only $97

A real bargain when you consider you get the thinking behind Natural Selling, the mechanics of it and the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve invested in hard cash to train myself to this point.

What’s even more of a bargain is this NEW downloadable audio version which includes transcripts, tips, lessons and a bonus…

It’s only $97…

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  1. Take it with you by downloading it onto your mp3 player
  2. Download all the supporting materials – transcripts, tips, lessons
  3. No need to wait for the mail
  4. No shipping cost

So if you’re serious about making a difference in your life by authentically helping others make a difference in theirs, I invite you to take the next step…

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$97 – Downloadable MP3’s
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Now it’s up to you!
For just $97 you can go from struggling to effortlessly
manifesting the destiny you really want in just 7.5 hours

These audios are completely different than any of my previous training CDs. Think of it as a complete coaching and training program, which will take you from the Connecting Stage, through the Discovering Stage all the way to the Committing Stage.

It’s laced with updated material and questions to ask.

I lay out my simple Natural Selling philosophy and action steps and “real world” proven approach to attracting people to both you and your business.

Use this terrific program, put the principles contained in these audio’s into practice and watch you and your business grow!

I’m committed to your success – are you?


P.S.”It’s no secret that the people who seem to get the most out of their businesses have strong self-mastery and great communication skills. It’s also no secret that you can quickly learn to improve these skills.” Talking with people effectively and getting positive responses EVERY SINGLE TIME, is easy – if you;

  1. Think differently
  2. Stop saying too much
  3. Know what to ask for, listen for, and how to respond

These powerful nuts and bolts Natural Selling Training audio’s are designed for YOU to do just that!

$97 – Downloadable MP3’s
Instant Access

Get Started Right Now & Start Listening in 5 Minutes