About Michael Oliver

International Sales Trainer, Coach, Best Selling Author & Speaker


Briefly… The short version…

I started in the sales profession as an independent 100% commissionable sales person, selling apartment building hot water solar energy systems in Southern California in 1980.

Why selling? Because I was broke, unemployable, and needed a job!

Fortunately I was good at it!

I loved the money, loved the freedom and loved being my own boss.

BUT … HATED the sales process!

Truth was, I hated the old school manipulative techniques of ’always closing’ treating people’s responses and questions as ‘objections to be overcome’.

It was too adversarial, one sided and full of tension and fear – and I always felt there had to be a better and more elegant way.

As a side note… luckily for me, old school is still being taught by at least 95% of trainers and companies!

Why lucky?

Well, because training others on how not to do what the other 95% are teaching, and instead do something different, more effective, comfortable and rewarding, affords me and many of my students a nice lifestyle!

Now, fast forward to 1995/96 when I finally worked it out … while in the UK, driving up and down the country, training one-on-one a bunch of wannabe sales misfits!

In fact I worked out two things…

1. How and why people would internally persuade themselves to want to do business with me, (without using any external old school pressure techniques, that puts more people off than attracts them), and …

2. I had a love and passion for training and coaching others to do the same thing!, and having the time of my life doing it.

So in 1997 I changed the narrative and started Natural Selling – a more effective and 100% comfortable way of selling taking the tension and fear out of talking with potential customers and creating more sales.

I’m still loving it

Now for the longer version…

So here we are today – 20 years later, having trained and coached worldwide, tens of thousands of sales people, independent sales reps, network marketers, companies etc, the Natural “Conversational” Selling Process.

I’ve been instrumental in the success of many five, six and seven-figure earners, using my holistic, Socratic conversational approach that creates instantaneous attraction and trust with each and every person you interact with,

Based on knowing how to ask the right types of questions at the right time… and listening… and understanding the inner secrets of how to help people influence themselves to buy …

… it’s a 180 degree reversal to the old school techniques of manipulation that ironically are the cause of the resistance!

The other stuff…

As a certified trainer with the Chopra Center, I created and taught at the Chopra Center, “Natural Selling and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” based on Deepak Chopra’s bestselling book, The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success.

My book “How To Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety Or Losing Your Friends!” (which is not just about Network Marketing!)… has been for many years a best seller.

I’m still active in the industry selling, training and coaching how to sell, high ticket products and services and look forward to helping you create the lifestyle and happiness that being a “Natural” salesperson can bring you!

Hear what his clients say …

“Michael is truly a speaker for our changing times.”

“A true servant and a leader his heart to heart and mind to mind connectiveness with his audience and his sensitivity to each of his audience needs, empowers people to change from where they are, and to produce results they never thought possible.”

“Michael impacts his listeners with the fact that integrity based business, and business with soul is good business. Michael hammers home the truth that personal values, linked with a clearly defined purpose can achieve a persons’ objectives time and time again.”

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