Every Network Marketer and Direct Seller Will Benefit From This…

How To Talk So Friends Will Listen,
And How to Listen So Friends Will Talk!

Automatically Say And Do The Right Thing So That Friends And Family Will Not Only Listen To You But They’ll Want To Know More About Your Business Right Now!

Imagine How Much Easier Building Your Business Will Be When You Can Talk Naturally With Those Close To You Without Anyone Feeling Pressured or Uncomfortable.

My Audio Program Reveals Exactly How To Do This.frmed

Why is it that often so many network marketers and direct sellers are reluctant to talk with friends or people they about their business? Or, if they do, they don’t really follow through.

There are a number of reasons of course:

  • They don’t want to be seen as intrusive
  • They convince themselves they won’t be interested
  • What they are taught to say doesn’t feel right for them
  • They’re afraid of being rejected

Basically, it usually comes down to fear of rejection by our friends. And I can understand that.

Unfortunately, most of the conventional ways of talking about and presenting your business or products actually create the resistance and rejection you don’t want. They can also leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

So how exactly do you talk with your friends and people you know in a confident and relaxed way that eliminates rejection and without the risk of losing your friends?

Success leaves clues… and here’s a couple of them that will virtually guarantee your friends and family will demand to know more if it’s really something they will benefit from…

  1. Stop thinking you have to tell them as soon as you can
  2. Stop pressuring them

Of course, there is a lot more, and Natural Selling will show you how to do this. You’ll have an effective stress free way of talking with people and building your business more effectively and faster.

And what I’ve done is come up with some concrete examples that you can follow.

Together with my team, I spent months going through many hours of recordings of role plays that I conducted with students on my coaching calls and TeleClasses.

From these dozens of role plays, I’ve selected the best as examples and models.

Each role-play illustrates a particular lesson, as well as showing you the general approach and the thinking behind it

The result is a practical, action-oriented audio program called “Talking With Friends” that’s part of the “Power Up Your Dialogue” series.

And once you’ve listened to these audio’s, you’ll automatically know exactly how to think and what to ask and say when you’re talking with friends and family.

Let’s take a closer look…

The Secret To Having Your Friends
Want To Hear More About Your Business

“Talking With Friends” is a 3 audio program. The heart of the program is a set of four, carefully selected, role plays.frsmall

Each role-play revolves around a situation where a distributor is talking with someone they know. Either a close friend or at least someone they’ve known for a while.

I take the role of the distributor and a student takes the role of the friend.

There’s a brief “scene setting” and then we start the conversation with some general connecting questions and go from there.

I also provide a brief preview and then summary to highlight the key things to listen out for.

I think you’ll be fascinated, and perhaps even shocked, at the amount and detail of information that comes out in the conversation.

The best part is that it’s all so easy and natural. There are no “leading” questions and no fancy tricks or techniques that you have to remember.

By listening to these role plays, you’ll be learning how to do this for yourself. Holding these types of conversations will become second nature to you.

And by mastering this skill…

  • You won’t be in danger of losing your friends or find them avoiding you. On the contrary, they’ll often be eager to hear about your business and what you’re doing.
  • Your business will benefit because you’ll naturally be talking with more people, more often about what you can do for them.
  • You won’t have to deal with the fear, anxiety and perhaps even embarrassment you felt in the past when talking with friends about your business. Instead, you’ll radiate a quiet confidence that people will find very attractive.

Here’s what you’ll discover on these audios…

Role Play #1
“Using Your Friend’s Answers to Develop Your Next Questions”

On the first roleplay, we’re in a fairly typical situation where two friends are chatting. The friend, Jill, is a stay at home Mom. She would like to have the chance to do more things that some extra money would provide.

This roleplay illustrates the powerful effect that asking questions has and results in Jill really talking in depth about how she feels about the situation.

Here’s an extract from the conversation…

Have you done anything about the financial situation then?

I’ve tried a couple of little things that just I really didn’t. There was one get rich quick thing that I entertained and it was really stupid. And I just – no, I really haven’t explored it and I really haven’t looked into it. So, I really haven’t done anything about it.

Where do you think this went? What was really behind Jill’s comment? Well, if you asked the right question, this is what you would have found….

So, Jill, when you say you tried a couple of things and a get rich scheme, what was the get rich scheme? What was all that about?

I’m almost embarrassed to say.

Tell me anyway.

I am embarrassed to say. I really did do this. There was an ad in one of the local papers and it said work from home, doing mailings. And I sent off for it. I sent like, I don’t know $39.00 or something, which I then tried to get back a month later and never did get back but – oh it was you send off for this letter and this letter and this letter and this letter and everything you send a dollar, you send five dollars and everybody is supposed to send you five dollars. It didn’t work.

So, it was like a chain letter or something like that.

It was. It was just terrible. And then years ago, I got involved with a multilevel marketing company that I really liked the products but I just couldn’t, I had a really hard time picking up the phone and calling people to get them to look at it. I just – I don’t know. I just spent money and spent money and spent money and finally, I gave it up because I wasn’t doing anything with it.

That one question, resulting from a comment that Jill had made, uncovered an enormous amount of information.

In the role play, we go on to develop the conversation from that point, uncovering more details and really getting to understand what Jill wants and what will excite her about your business opportunity.

Let’s go on to…

Role Play #2
“What People Say is Only the Tip of The Iceberg”

In the second role play, I play a new distributor who is talking with an old friend Jeri Lyn.

Jeri Lyn seems to be under a lot of stress in her life. In the course of the conversation, we discover this “bombshell”…

Jeri Lyn:
Well, it’s wearing me out. I also am a pastor’s wife and I’ve got church duties on the weekend.

You’ve got quite a full plate then it looks. What about your commute? How long does that take you?

Jeri Lyn:
It’s a two-hour drive.

What, each way?

Jeri Lyn:
Each way – yes.

Do you think that four hours each day travelling might have some relevance? It sure does!

The conversation goes on to uncover a lot more information all by simply asking questions based on Jeri Lyn’s replies. It leads to the situation where Jeri Lyn is very receptive to looking further at the business opportunity.

These are the 2 illustrations on the first roleplay audio. The second audio contains two more, starting with…

Role Play #3
Helping Others Persuade Themselves

What do you do when you know someone desperately needs what you have but they just don’t seem to want to listen?

Well, one thing you don’t do is try and “overcome objections” and bulldoze your way through.

Try instead, the approach illustrated in this roleplay between myself and Ruth

Ruth’s situation is not good and it’s getting worse. However, she just doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it.

However, as the conversation goes along, Ruth starts to face up to her problems. By answering the different questions, Ruth allows herself to talk about the problems in a way that results in her persuading herself of the need to change.

Also, this dialogue contains this little gem about money.

Does that sound something that might be of interest to you?

Well, it certainly does but I have one question

Yeah, go ahead.

Is it going to cost us a lot to do this?

How do most people respond? Probably with a mumbled response and being vague about the issue.

But, how about this…

When you say “cost us a lot”, what do you mean by cost a lot?


Do you think that Ruth might be a great candidate for a business partner? The rest of the roleplay reveals what happened.

Now let’s move onto the fourth and final role play…

Role Play #4
Dialogue…Opening The Door of Possibilities

In this role play, we’ll pick up on a Dialogue between Sabrina, who has never been involved in Network Marketing before, and her long-time friend, an Independent Distributor.

Often a distributor’s worst nightmare is talking with an old friend. However, in this case a relaxed and casual conversation starts up. It quickly gets on to the topic of Sabrina’s interest in making a little more money.

I ask if she has looked at ways to do this and all of a sudden this happens…

It just dawned on me that I needed it.

Oh. Why is that? What happened that it suddenly dawned on you?

Well, the city sends out a print out every so often that says you can retire in the year 2014 and this is how much money you will be making at that time. And that’s when it dawned on me.

In what sense?

That was not going to be enough and I needed to do something. I need to do something else.

Oh really? So what did dawn on you then? You actually needed to do something else?

Yes, I needed to do something else.

Wow! As you can imagine, this leads to a very positive outcome from the conversation.

That’s the four role plays and there’s more to come…

Why Some People’s Friends Are Almost
Always Interested In Their Business

In addition to the 2 audio’s containing the role plays, there’s an additional audio where I discuss the best way to use dialogue and how to get the most from listening to the role plays.

This special audio is included in every edition of the “Power UP Your Dialogue” series.

Here’s some of the things I reveal…

  • 3 key ideas to concentrate on, so that you get the most from listening to the role plays.
  • The secret reason why dialogue is so powerful and why people almost can’t help but be attracted to you.
  • The tiny little thing that will make all the difference to the outcome of any conversation.
  • Why dialogue is the only approach that really does produce a “Win-Win” outcome.
  • How to make sure every conversation ends with a positive result.
  • Warning! You must resist the temptation to do this or the “Magic” of dialogue will not happen.
  • The 5 reasons why you get such powerful results from dialogue.

Now here’s how to get your own copy of “Talking With Friends”.

It’s Like Spending Two Hours With Me But At
A Fraction of The Normal Price

I wanted to give you the clearest and best examples of “Talking With Friends”. So, I locked myself away and painstakingly reviewed hours and hours of role plays from teleclasses and coaching groups.

The result is a program where you hear for yourself exactly how to talk with your friends in a confident and relaxed way about your business or products.

You’re really getting the “polished diamonds” from my library of dialogues.

“Talking With Friends” consists of 3 audio’s and runs for a total of 2 hours 18 minutes.

Having your own copy is like spending a couple of hours with me on a coaching class.

Of course, if you wanted me to coach you personally, that would cost you $1000 for each hour that we spent together.

Alternatively, you could join one of my teleclass series. That’s less than the cost of personal coaching but the most recent class of that kind cost $297.

But you won’t have to pay that for the “Talking With Friends” program. Because I want as many of you to have these audio’s as possible, you can get this program for just $47.

You Also Get The Transcripts At No Extra Cost

To make “Talking With Friends” even more useful for you, I arranged to have transcripts made of the audios. So, you can read along as you’re listening. You can also refer back to the transcripts at any time.

These transcripts run to 80 pages. They’re in an easy to access PDF format and you can download them straight away.

Normally, these transcripts cost an additional $29.95.

However, they are included absolutely free when you order your copy of “Talking With Friends”.

The Easiest Way To Talk With Friends About
Your Business Or Your Money Back

After listening to these audio’s I’m totally confident that you will find talking with your friends about your business easier and more productive than ever before.

However, as with all “Natural Selling” programs you are covered by my 100% money-back guarantee for a full 30 days.

Try out the material on this program for 30 days. Listen to the audio’s at home, in your car or wherever. The more you listen to them, the better your results will be.

If you honestly don’t think it makes a difference to the effectiveness of your conversations and your results, simply send it back to me and I’ll refund your $47 in full. You’ve got a full 30 days to decide.

You can even keep the transcripts as my “Thank You” for trying out the program.

So, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Imagine how much easier your business building will be when you’re not reluctant or afraid to raise the subject with your friends.

And, after all, business is much more fun when you’re working with people you already know and like.

Best wishes and have fun “Talking With Friends”


P.S. The audios of “Talking With Friends” contain 4 separate roleplays plus the special introduction by me explaining how to use dialogue for the best effect in both your business and personal life.

P.P.S. After listening to “Talking With Friends” you’ll know the secrets to talking confidently and easily with your friends about your business. You won’t be held back by any fear of saying the wrong thing and perhaps embarrassing yourself.

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