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I was talking with a colleague about the quickest and easiest ways to build a network marketing business.

We both agreed that using a proper lead program is an excellent way for Networkers to build their leadsbgbusiness. If done properly, that is.

After all, the people who respond to the advertisements for these programs have “raised their hands” and said they are interested in a business opportunity.

However, many Networkers get poor or only mediocre results from their leads. Even when every single month they spend several hundred dollars or more.

And, of course, poor results mean that all those dollars have been wasted and gone down the drain.

Many people send me questions like these…

  • “These are supposed to be qualified leads. Why aren’t they interested when I call?”
  • “Why are they always ‘busy’ when I call them back to follow up?”
  • “Why do so few people check out our website or listen to our conference calls? They said they would!”

One poor Networkers told me how frustrated and disappointed he was when he spent two hundred dollars on forty qualified leads. Only one person showed any interest and in the end they went and joined another company.

To make it even worse, his upline were claiming to be converting five or six people from the same number of leads.

Although he persevered, the results didn’t get any better. It got to the stage where he hated making calls and started to feel like a complete failure.

You may have experienced something similar yourself.

Why then, do so many people get disappointing results from lead programs?

There’s a simple answer and, even better, a straightforward solution to this problem.

If you’re interested in improving the results you get from your lead programs, please read on…

Do You Make This Mistake When Calling Leads?

Over the years I have worked with many distributors and observed first hand the results of many lead programs.

Usually, any time someone is not getting results from a proper lead program, the problem is not the leads themselves. The reason for the disappointing results is how the distributor has approached the leads.

For example, many Networkers are taught to use “canned” scripts or to focus on getting the person to listen in on a conference call which will “close” them on the opportunity. Rubbish!

There’s a huge problem when you do things like this. The people you’re contacting feel like you’re treating them as nothing more than sheep being rounded up.

People hate being treated this way. They respond by raising objections and rejecting what you have to offer.

Instead of falling into this trap, ask yourself this question. Why has someone responded to an advertisement about a business opportunity?

It’s because they’re looking for something. To be successful, all you need to do is ask and find out what it is.

When a keen opportunity seeker sees and feels that you can help them, they will be an enthusiastic partner, rather than being suspicious and defensive.

So, how exactly do you do this? Let me explain in more detail…

Why Some People Almost Always Have A Larger Organization
And A Bigger Bonus Check After Every Lead Campaign

Calling leads is an ideal situation to apply the “Natural Selling” approach. After all…

  • The people you’re talking with have “raised their hands”. They have said they are interested in a money making opportunity; and
  • As a result it’s easy to start the dialogue. It’s crystal clear what the conversation is about and there’s no need to worry if it’s appropriate to raise the subject of your business

What I’ve done is create a “roadmap” for you to demonstrate how to talk with leads. I’ve done this in the form of a special extended edition in the “Power Up Your Dialogue” series of role plays.

Rather than just tell you how to do it, these role plays demonstrate how it’s done in practice and how you can do this yourself. You will hear exactly what to say and do when you’re calling leads.

Once you’ve learnt these skills and put them into practice (something that you can do as soon as you’ve finished listening to the audio’s) calling leads will be a more enjoyable and productive experience.

You will…

  • Never be afraid to pick up the phone and make those calls
  • Always know what to say and do to engage the interest of the other person
  • Gain something positive from every call you make

In a nutshell, “Calling Leads” will boost your business building by helping you get more value from every dollar you spend on leads.

Now let me walk you through the role plays in the program so that you can see and hear for yourself exactly how you can use “Calling Leads”.

Role Play #1
Questions Unlock The Door To Infinite Possibilities

When calling leads, you’ll often find people who know that they need to make a change but they’re not sure how to start.

That’s the situation in this first role play when I start a dialogue with Bernie. He’s facing some real challenges in his current job and it’s literally a “life and death” situation for him.

Bernie likes the idea of network marketing, but hasn’t really found the right opportunity. By asking the right questions we uncover his likes and dislikes and also the real cause of his problems. This is the key to exciting his interest in your business.

Other things in this section…

  • 4 words that will guarantee you know what will interest someone in your opportunity. When you know this, presenting your solution is easy
  • A mistake to avoid. If you make this error, you’ll destroy the trust you’ve created and ruin the chances of a successful long term result
  • The secret to completely eliminate any tension, objections and rejection. When you do this, calling leads is no longer hard work and you’re much more productive

Here’s Bernie’s comments about his experience with this last point…

“I’ve been practicing this and the difference in how people respond to you is incredible…it’s a huge difference!”

Part of this segment is a discussion among the students on the class. One of them, Mike, throws a few “curve balls” at me, including this question that often comes up when calling leads…

“Is this Network Marketing?”

Most distributors break out in a cold sweat when they hear this. But it’s easy to address this question as you’ll hear on the role play. Once you know this secret you can smile confidently to yourself next time you hear those words.

And that’s just the start…

Role Play #2
Questions Are The Solution

When calling leads, you’ll often come across people who want to know right away “What Is It You’ve Got?”

Rather than falling into the trap of launching into a presentation about your company, you serve both yourself and the other person much better if you first find out more about what they’re looking for.

In this case, I play the role of a distributor calling a lady by the name of Hannah. Initially, Hannah says that…

“Basically I’m just interested to see what it is you’ve got.”

If you simply respond to this, the chances are that the conversation is going to come to a dead halt very quickly.

Instead, by asking questions we start a very productive dialogue that covers a lot of ground (including the amount of money Hannah has available to invest). We very naturally get to the point where Hannah is looking seriously at the business and we’ve scheduled the next call to take it further.

There’s a lot to take note of in this dialogue, including…

  • 6 benefits to asking the right questions at the right time
  • How to discover everything that will make someone interested in your business. Once you’ve done this they’ll be eager to hear what you have to say
  • A simple little thing you can do to avoid wasted time and calls. This alone will boost your productivity and save you money
  • The right and the wrong way to use resources such as company websites. Knowing this will avoid many disappointments and improve your results
  • The unique advantage of asking questions that means people won’t reject you. It’s actually a way to keep you from making what is often a fatal mistake

As the title of this section says, you’ll see how simply asking questions steers the conversation so that it’s to the benefit of both you and the person you’re speaking with.

The next two sections are from a single extended dialogue.

Role Play #3
Give Them What They’re Looking For…Not What You Have

Many distributors adopt a “one size fits all” approach when presenting their business opportunity. In fact, it’s very easy to customize your presentation once you know what’s important to the other person.

How do you do that?

Simply by asking the right questions.

This role play is a great illustration of how the dialogue process creates a relaxed and positive atmosphere. The result is that John, the person I’m speaking with, gladly tells me everything I need to know.

John does this because, in his own words…

“I sensed a person who was genuinely interested in what I had to say.”

We also cover…

  • The simple little phrase that will “jump-start” any conversation. You won’t be stuck wondering what to say
  • What you can do to create powerful rapport (and it doesn’t involve any gimmicks or tricks). Once you’ve established this bond, the conversation will flow
  • The secret to uncovering a lot of information without appearing pushy or intrusive
  • How to guarantee they will say “Yes” when you ask if they want to hear more about your business

We break the conversation at a point where John is intrigued and very interested in what I have.

What happens next is revealed in this subsequent role play…

Role Play #4
Allow Them To Sell Themselves

There’s always a danger when you interrupt a dialogue. You might lose the other person’s interest.

However, this is easy to avoid and I demonstrate what to do so that you pick up the conversation without missing a beat.

We cover how to present your solution and then how to take the next step.

Here’s what we talk about…

  • 6 words that will grab their attention
  • The secret to creating a winning presentation. If you do this, you’ll know exactly what to include that is guaranteed to be of interest to the other person – no guessing and no mistakes
  • The 4 part formula for a successful presentation
  • What NOT to do when the other person raises a concern; and…
  • How to actually get them to answer their concerns themselves
  • An easy way to know whether to spend time answering a question or if there’s a simpler solution
  • 8 things to remember about dialogue so that every conversation is relaxed and you bring more people into your organization

This extended dialogue is well worth repeated study. It’s a great illustration of the dialogue process from start to finish. From the point where you speak with someone for the first time, to the point where they are doing their due diligence before joining your team.

In the next section, I’ll give you the straight talk on a topic that most people prefer to avoid…

Role Play #5
As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

This next role play addresses an issue that is bound to come up for you.

Do you think that your opportunity will be right for everybody you speak with?

Of course not. However, many distributors waste an enormous amount of precious time and energy.

They do this trying to persuade someone to look at their business when it’s obvious that it’s not the right thing for them.

Instead, this role play shows…

  • Exactly what to do when it’s clear that what you have isn’t suitable
  • How to get a great result from the call even when they’re not interested in your opportunity
  • An easy thing to do that will actually help build your business

Success comes in many forms and you don’t have to get everyone you speak with to join your business.

Next, we’ll hear about one of the most important elements of any successful dialogue…

Role Play #6
Listening – Your Key To Unlocking Solutions

Here’s another in-depth dialogue that perfectly illustrates the power of asking questions.

Floyd has replied to an advertisement and received information about the company. When I call to follow up, however, he hasn’t reviewed the material. An all too common situation!

If you leave it there and simply call back at another time, the chances are that Floyd still won’t have read the book or watched the video.

But, if you take the opportunity to connect with Floyd and find out what’s important to him, something exciting happens. He becomes interested in what’s important to you.

Here’s just some of the other insights…

  • What virtually nobody does properly and yet is the single most important thing you can do to attract people to you like a magnet
  • The simple thing to do so that you can use feedback to the best effect. By doing this, you’ll find people will pay more attention to you
  • Warning! Don’t assume you know what they mean when they say something like “a lot of money”. You’ll miss opportunities if you make this mistake
  • 3 key phrases to remember so that the dialogue goes more smoothly
  • What to do if someone asks how much money you’re making
  • How to handle the question “Is this a pyramid scheme?” You don’t need to let this stop you in your tracks
  • The only thing you need to do to ensure they listen to what you have to say

At the end, we’ve really connected with Floyd. He is fully engaged and keen to review the information that was previously lying forgotten on the shelf. We’ve set up the next appointment and are well on the way to adding another member to the team.

In the final role play, you’ll learn about an all too common mistake…

Role Play #7
The Right Approach Equals The Right Results

One of the biggest reasons for poor results from lead programs is the over-reliance on company websites, conference calls and other information resources. On their own, these tools aren’t enough for someone to be confident that they are choosing the right opportunity.

At best, this is a hit and miss affair. And yet many distributors are surprised when it doesn’t work.

In this role play I’m working with Kari who is facing this common problem…

How can I take that information to really set some good appointments this evening … to get rid of what I’ve been doing in the past because it’s not working well and it’s not working with my downline well.

And the cause of the problem?

What we do is try to set an appointment with someone to bring them onto a live informational call so that they can sit back and listen to the information. But, it just seems like they are very cautious and skeptical like I’m not giving them enough information. They’re like, “What do you do?”… It’s just so much resistance.

The reason that Kari is finding people “cautious and skeptical” is that she’s not helping the other person understand why they should want to listen to the call.

To get round this problem and start Kari on the road to getting better results, I give a simple framework to use that includes…

  • The thing to always remember when you call leads. This alone will make you more confident
  • A simple question that immediately puts the focus on the other person. This takes the pressure off you and gets the other person fully involved in the conversation
  • The secret to using the right sales tool so that it is a help, not a hindrance, to getting someone involved with your business

At the end of the day, it’s what you say and do that will attract someone and inspire them to want to work with you. It’s you that makes the difference, not a website or a video.

That brings us to the end of the role plays included in the program. So that you get the most from “Calling Leads”, I’ve included the following extra section…

Core Skills That Are The Foundation Of Great Results

As well as the 3 audio’s containing the role plays, there’s an extra one where I explain the best way to use dialogue and how to get the most from listening to the role plays.

This special audio is included in every edition of the “Power UP Your Dialogue” series. It’s there to make sure you get the most out of the information and to make each edition in the series a self-contained program.

Here’s some of the things I talk about…

  • 3 key ideas to concentrate on, so that you get the most from listening to the role plays
  • The secret reason why dialogue is so powerful and why people almost can’t help but be attracted to you
  • The tiny little thing that will make all the difference to the outcome of any conversation
  • Why dialogue is the only approach that really does produce a “Win-Win” outcome
  • How to make sure every conversation ends with a positive result
  • Warning! You must resist the temptation to do this or the “Magic” of dialogue will not happen
  • The 5 reasons why you get such powerful results from dialogue

When you combine these simple, but powerful, skills with the detailed material included in the role plays, you have the secret to outstanding results.

Get The Results From Calling Leads That You Deserve

When you’ve listened to all 4 audio’s, you can immediately put “Calling Leads” to work for you in every dialogue you have.

And the more you listen to these audio’s, the more you’ll get out of every dollar you spend on leads.

Here’s what you can expect…

  • More positive feedback from the people you’re talking with. They’ll be attracted and relate to you as opposed to resisting and rejecting you
  • More people joining your team because of using a “You and I” approach rather than a “Me” approach
  • More fun and enjoyment from the whole process because you won’t find calling leads so stressful

You’ll find yourself excited at the prospect of new leads arriving. You’ll know that you’re about to make new friends and together you can create the success you desire.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some comments from fellow Networkers about their experience using this approach…

“You have changed my life and all of my team! Before ‘Natural Selling’ I had got to the stage where I was very anxious before making phone calls to leads. My success rate was OK but I felt horrible because it was NOT ME! Now I am thoroughly enjoying every call and love my business again. Also family life is much happier and my friends have stopped avoiding me! Thank you so much.”
Vanessa Hudson, United Kingdom

“First, let me say how much I have enjoyed both your book and your audio series. Your methodology really resonates with me. I had been frustrated and only marginally successful using my team’s ‘system’ of scripts for leads. Since I own a rather successful consulting firm in a separate industry, my lack of significant success was a mystery. Now, I understand.”
Stephanie Hau, Jarrettsville MD

“I truly enjoyed your tips of ‘Natural Selling’ and the role play that we did. I was relaxed and had fun but, to be honest with you, I didn’t think if it was a real person I would have kept the conversation going for so long. But check out the irony of this.

The following day, I called one of my leads. And guess what? The whole scenario was just like the role play we did together.”
Aurelia Dawson-Alleyne, New York, NY

Now here’s how to start using this powerful information yourself….

What Would It Be Worth To Have Me On The Call With You?

Spending money on leads involves a big financial investment on your part. Of course, it’s well worth it if you get the right results.

If you’ve been buying leads, you’ll know that top quality leads from a reputable company can cost up to $5 each. Even if you only purchase the minimum order (typically 40 leads) that’s $200. Over a year, you’re spending $2,400 if you buy 40 leads a month.

Even lesser quality leads cost $1-2 each and you’ll need more of them to make up for the poorer quality. A basic package might cost $50-100 each month, adding up to $600-1,200 over the course of a year.

If you’re spending this kind of money, doesn’t it make sense to spend a small amount on something that will help you get better results and make a big difference to your bottom line?

The role plays on “Calling Leads” that you will be listening to have been carefully selected from dozens of examples. They have been drawn from high-priced private teleclasses and coaching sessions (that cost up to $1000 an hour).

As you listen to these role plays and my comments about them, it’s almost as if I’m there with you when you’re making your calls.

Of course, if you actually wanted me there in-person for the 3 hours 20 minutes that “Calling Leads” runs for, that would cost over $3000 (private classes with me cost $1000 an hour). But you don’t have to pay anywhere near that amount for this information.

The beauty of creating a audio program is that I can make the information available at a fraction of the price of a live session.

In order to give you some options. beside the audio’s I’ve created a new downloadable version of the “Calling Leads” program that will give you instant access. You can download it immediately to your computer, no matter what time of day or time zone with no shipping costs or waiting for the mail.

And that’s not all…

Introducing The “Natural Selling Action Guide To Calling Leads”

To help you get even more from the “Calling Leads” program, I’ve added the “Natural Selling Action Guide To Calling Leads”.

This 48 page special report is designed to provide you with a clear roadmap to getting the most from your leads. It’s in PDF format so you can download it and start using the information straight away.

It covers how to prepare before you call your leads, what to say and do when you call and what to do to train your new team members.

The “Natural Selling Action Guide To Calling Leads” is based on an exclusive training program that I carried out for a large Network Marketing company. They paid me thousands of dollars for that training and they told me later that the training was worth many times what they paid me.

This Action Guide will not be sold separately. It is only available to owners of the “Calling Leads” program.

If I did sell it separately, the price would be at least $29.95 (and it’s worth a lot more). But you get the “Natural Selling Action Guide To Calling Leads” at no extra cost when you order the “Calling Leads” audio program.

Want More…?

You Also Get The Transcripts – At No Extra Cost

To make “Calling Leads” even more useful for you, I arranged to have transcripts made of the audios. Now you can read along as you’re listening. You can also refer back to the transcripts at any time.

These transcripts run to a 118 pages. They’re in an easy to access PDF format and you can download them straight away.

Normally, these transcripts have cost an additional $29.95.

However, they are NOW included!

So, you get…

  • The 4 Audio Set “Calling Leads”; plus
  • The 48 page “Natural Selling Action Guide To Calling Leads”
  • The 118 page transcripts of the audio’s

And you can order with confidence because…

Here’s My Money Back Guarantee To You

After listening to these audio’s I’m completely confident that you will be able to get more from every dollar that you spend on leads.

However, as with all “Natural Selling” programs you are covered by my 100% money back guarantee for a full 30 days.

Listen to the audio’s at home, on your iPod, in your car or wherever. The more you listen to them, the more you use what you learn, the more often you’ll get “Yes” answers.

Next time you’re calling leads use this material and see for yourself what happens.

If you honestly don’t think it makes a difference to the effectiveness of your conversations and your results, simply send it back to me within 30 days and I’ll refund your $57 in full.

You can even keep the Action Guide as my “Thank You” for trying out the program.

So, you can order in complete confidence that this is the right program for you or you get back every cent of your $57.

It’s easy to order your audio’s, plus “The Natural Selling Action Guide To Calling Lead AND  the Transcripts…

To your success!


P.S. After listening to “Calling Leads” you’ll know exactly what to do and say so that you get the most from your investment in any lead program. Your business will grow more quickly and you’ll get bigger bonus checks as a result.

P.P.S. “Calling Leads” contains 4 audio’s. Three of the audio’s contain the seven carefully selected role plays that show you exactly what to do and say when calling leads. The fourth audio is the extra segment that gives you the inside track on how to make the best use of dialogue and get the most from the program. You get all 4 audio’s (plus “The Natural Selling Action Guide To Calling Leads” plus the transcripts)