Natural Selling & The Seven Spiritual Laws of Selling

Ever wondered how to practically apply The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success and make them effectively work for you in your sales career, business and life?

This 2-Day Experiential Workshop, based on Deepak Chopra’s New York Times bestselling book, ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’, is an application of Deepak’s teachings for those seeking practical ways to apply the principles in the profession of selling, business, the workplace and in their own lives!

Make the Law of Attraction and the Energy of Deliberate Creation Work For You. 

As a certified Chopra Center trainer, Michael will guide you to an understanding of how to…

  1. Effectively and comfortably make more sales
  2. Retain loyal customers
  3. Do it with it with Least Effort and No Tension through the energy of ‘Deliberate Creation’.

You’ll discover… 

  • What is energy and how to make it work for you in your business as well as your personal life.
  • The meaning of ‘7 Spiritual Laws of Success’ as outlined in Deepak’s Book
  • How the ‘4 Natural Selling Principles’ using the ‘Process of Dialogue’ blend naturally into Deepak’s 7 Laws.
  • How to practically and instantaneously apply all the Laws and principles to get the results you’re looking for without the anxiety that is normally associated with selling.  They will be aligned with recognized and accepted competencies and processes identified as foundational to transformational success and leadership.

“I’ve finally started practising non-attachment to the outcome and coming into each conversation with just the intent of getting to know someone. What has transpired is just incredible. People are materializing out of thin air. People I’ve spoken to month ago are calling me up with referrals. People I am meeting for the first time are giving me dozens of referrals. Abundance is everywhere. I am making new friendships and my business is thriving. When I try to think back to when I was coming from my own need and lack the business seemed so hard. Now I am having a ball. Thanks, Michael and keep up the good work”
– JH – Alpharetta, GA

The workshops are Experiential and Transformational using Accelerated Learning methods making learning a fast, fun, tranquil and fruitful experience.You will leave with your own template with ideas and suggestions drawn from the spiritual practices explained by Deepak, and the best of what leadership research suggests for success to achieve the harmony and abundance that is waiting for you