Interactive Online or Physical Experiential Workshops

How to Build Your Business Without
Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!

Using… ‘The Magic and Power of Dialogue’™
(Selling from the Soul. Ancient Wisdoms. Modern Practice)

It’s no secret that the people who seem to get the most out of life and their business have great people and communication skills.

It’s also no secret that you can learn these skills! You can quickly and easily learn all the basics of what you need to know to become an outstanding independent distributor, coach or direct sales person.

Talking with people and getting positive responses every single time, is easy – if you can stop telling your story and presenting as soon as you can, and instead Start Asking and Listening.

While well-meaning, most independent distributors and direct salespeople spend their time telling and giving presentations, hoping that what they say will somehow resonate with the other person! It rarely does because presenting is a guessing game!

Usual Result – Objections and Rejection and a lack of desire to do it anymore!

What they need to spend enough time and thought to, is finding out what the other person really wants… why they really want it…

The truth is… People have the answers. All you need are the right types of questions and what to listen for before responding.

So if you or your team no longer want to be on the wrong side of the statistic tables, and want to learn how to have EVERY CONVERSATION TURN INTO DIALOGUE ending always with a positive result…. with no negative tension…

You’ll love this interactive experiential workshop on how to do this!

Make the Energy of Dialogue work for you and for every person you talk with.

See, feel and hear – FIRST HAND – how to:

  • Eliminate rejection and objections… completely
  • Talk with anyone, anywhere, anytime…without anxiety or fear
  • Attract the results you’re looking for…
  • And more…

At the end of the day, you will…

  • Walk away with a different blueprint – your blueprint – of how to effectively use your new mental and verbal skills to get the measurable results you want in your personal, business and financial life!
  • Have your own ‘Dialogue Template’ based on your own style and personality.
  • Posses the self-assurance to talk with anyone, anywhere, anytime!
  • Replace the conventional techniques of selling of telling your story, presenting and persuading, that in most cases causes you to be rejected…with ‘The Magic and Power of Dialogue’ that will end with a positive result every time.
  • Attract everyone you talk with to you.
  • Allow your potential partners and customers to come to their own conclusions and persuade themselves to look at your solution
  • Feel refreshed and invigorated from learning how to still your mind and allow a higher consciousness to work permanently for you.

Fun – Informative – Transformational… Invite yourself, your associates and friends to attend!

This interactive workshop is designed and guaranteed to give you a new way to look at helping people buy your products and services that is anxiety and rejection free.

To discover how you and your team can accelerate the results you’re looking for…contact