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Michael_Oliver-0770So, you’ve finished my E-course…

You recognize Natural Selling is the one vital “Missing Link” you cannot find elsewhere, because everyone else is still focused on using old sales school techniques you’ve already proven, don’t work…

You resonate with the mindset and skillset on how to effectively and comfortably approach, talk with anyone, anywhere, anytime and have more potential customers buy what you offer…

Now what?

What About Now Taking Action By Knowing What To Ask or Say?

I’m Michael Oliver, and over a sales and training career spanning 32 years, I made it my mission and passion to train and coach salespeople and network marketers to increase their sales and businesses by eliminating the tension most feel, and being more effective at approaching and talking with potential customers.

Among my clients are many who will confess that cold calling, calling leads, talking with strangers, or even people they know, once made them very uneasy.

However, that’s all changed.

They discovered the inner and outer secrets to starting effective conversations, or to be more accurate, a Dialogue, whenever they so desire and achieve spectacular personal and professional results.

Never underestimate the value of conversational skills! A survey of Stanford University MBA graduates concluded that the most successful individuals were those who were comfortable and confident talking with anybody!

When I teach people this skill, they experience dramatic, positive changes in their businesses as well as their lives.

If you’re serious about helping more people buy your products or service, and making a change in your life by surfacing your authentic, interpersonal communication skills… Take a look at following these steps…


Get my bestselling book: How To Sell Network Marketing, Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!…

… While the focus is on Network Marketing, the same thinking and skillset is transferable to any industry.

It’s a few dollars, and if you get just one useful thing from it.. well, you know the rest!

It will show you how to effectively and comfortably approach, talk with and enroll more people without the tension or anxiety associated with old school sales techniques.

Then it’s up to you to take action on what you learn!


With over 36 years of sales experience and 20 years training tens of thousands around the world to successfully help more people buy more in less time… My book will first of all help you understand and unlearn the behaviors you probably have been taught that hold you back from creating the lifestyle you want.

Then… you’ll re-think and re-learn what is needed to turn you into a compelling, attractive independent representative of your company and products…

… Someone that people will immediately feel they know, like and trust.

You’ll be shown how to precisely implement a simple and effective Dialogue that get results… without the anxiety and tension associated with standard training.



Scroll down the menu bar and look at the various next step options.

Whether it’s for personalized interactive one-on-one or small group (4 people) training and coaching, online, physical workshops or keynote speaking…

… if you’re looking for someone who will inspire, educate, entertain and empower you and/or your team, my lasting transformational training will have you and everyone…

Give you a refreshed and heightened sense of confidence and purpose

Receive your own personal blueprint and practical, proven and comfortable real world enrolling dialogue tools you can immediately use

Having an increased can-do desire to take immediate action toward greater personal and financial independence

My unique interactive Socratic style of training, coaching and speaking embodies and reflects the approach I teach.

You’ll enjoy the ease of how instantaneously you’ll see and feel how people will be attracted to you.

In short, you and your team will immediately start getting the results you’re looking for…