For Everyone Who Loves Network Marketing…

If You’ve Ever Lost The Chance To Add A Future Superstar To Your Team Because You Stumbled When They Asked ‘Is This Network Marketing?’… Now You’ll Never Have That Problem Again

With This Audio Program You’ll Know Exactly How To Reply
So They Will Always Want To Hear More About Your Business

I conducted a survey to discover the single most feared question that distributors face when they are talking with potential business partners.

Overwhelmingly, the response was… “Is This Network Marketing?”

Some typical comments were…

“Everyone is afraid of that question.”

“Some people won’t even pick up the phone because they’re terrified that this will come up.”

Why is it such a problem? Well, one reason could be that when you say “Yes, it is network marketing”, the other person might bring up a whole host of resistance such as….

I know someone who tried it and it didn’t work.

  • My brother-in-law ended up with a garage full of product he couldn’t sell.
  • I heard about someone who was ripped off by their upline.
  • I don’t think it’s right to make money from my friends.
  • Isn’t it just a scam?
  • Only the people at the top make money.
  • I’ve had friends that have been involved. I’ve gotten involved in a couple and have just been ripped off.

In other words, your answer to their question could be the prelude to some very negative comments. It can be a “conversation stopper”!

It’s so frustrating for many distributors! Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself? Or had team members come to you, desperately looking for help.

One of my students put it very passionately…

“Why is it that we allow ourselves to be so easily slaughtered by someone who comes back at us with a negative response even when we know that what we’re representing is something with integrity?”

Well, there’s no need for any of this.

The problem is simply that you haven’t been shown the simple, effective, non-defensive and non-confrontational way to respond when someone asks the question “Is this Network Marketing?” – a way that will have you smacking your forehead with your palm saying to yourself “It’s so obvious!”

And by the way, none of what you’re going to learn and use includes building a tough hide or using mental toughening techniques to deal with it. After all, who wants to band-aid a challenge when you can get easily rid of it!

And that’s why I’ve created this audio program called – Is This Network nwm1Marketing?

Once you’ve absorbed the lessons in this easy to access program, you will never again fear the question. In fact, you’ll probably smile to yourself when you hear it because you’ll know exactly how to respond and make your answer to the question the start of a fun and productive conversation.

And that’s just the beginning of it. There is tons more material about building your own confidence, the power of asking questions, etc., that will help you to help people question and shift their own beliefs…

Allow me tell you more about it…

Who Else Wants To Smile Confidently When They
Hear The Words “Is This Network Marketing?”

Through a series of 4 role plays, I take you through different examples of conversations. Using the Natural Selling Magic and Power of Dialogue process I show you exactly…

  • How to comfortably respond when someone says “Is This Network Marketing?” so that you are in control of the situation.
  • What to do next to move the dialogue in a positive direction.
  • How to acknowledge and involve the other person if there is resistance so that you work together instead of ending up in conflict.

Imagine how much easier and quicker your business building will be when this question is no longer a potential landmine.

There’s also another huge benefit to you, something that will literally be the difference between success in your business and struggle. More about this later.

First let’s dive straight into what’s on the audio’s…

Role Play #1
Your Best Defense Is Not to Defend

Let’s tackle head on probably the most difficult situation you can encounter.

Someone who is openly hostile and who flat-out tells you that there is no way they are interested in network marketing.

Something like this…

Is this network marketing?

Yes it is.

I don’t want anything to do with that. I know people have been ripped off with that. I don’t want to hear anymore.

How can you go from that unpromising start to…

What step would you like to take next? What would you like to do? You set the tone. There’s a number of things we can do. I can make some suggestions but what do you think initially you’d like to do next to explore whether this might be for you or not?

Well, I think you need to maybe tell me what the company is about.

That’s what this role play is all about.

The secret is to use the Natural Selling Discovery Process to understand what is really behind Clenice’s hostile attitude.

As we talk, Clenice discovers for herself that network marketing isn’t what she thought it was! And, in fact, it’s something she wants to know more about.

Here’s a little more about what is involved…

  • 5 tips to deal with negative responses so that you don’t get derailed .
  • The secret to keeping calm and being in control of any situation.
  • A simple thing to do instead of giving someone your business card that dramatically increases the chance of following up with them.
  • The only thing you really need to remember in order to address any concerns about network marketing. If you do this, you’ll avoid the problem of increasing tension rather than reducing it.
  • The very first thing to do when someone makes a negative remark about network marketing so that you can move the conversation forward on a positive note.
  • Warning! Something you must absolutely never do this or frustration and rejection will be the result.
  • A powerful insight from one of the class participants that will make all the difference to your bonus cheque.

After you’ve absorbed the lessons on this role play, you’ll be able to respond to even the most hostile comments about network marketing. Here’s what one of your colleagues has to say about this section…

I absolutely LOVED the first role-play dialogue on the first audio. That woman was TOUGH to deal with. I think I would have shrugged and decided that she wasn’t interested. It was so powerful to hear Michael just keep asking questions beyond the point where I would have assumed she’d never change her mind. Wow!
Kristin Cagan Quintana, San Carlos CA

Let’s move on to the next role play where we look at a different issue…

Role Play #2
The Power of Questions to Challenge Beliefs

Another problem you’ve probably come across is that some people think there is something wrong with making money through network marketing.

This shows up with people being suspicious about the idea of commission payments or “making money from friends”.

These sorts of things are really reflecting the person’s fear and insecurity about money and prosperity.

The way to address this, however, is not by arguing with, or telling them. Rather, if you question some of the things they say by asking the right questions, the result is they realize their beliefs are not really serving them after all.

Some of the things that I cover are…

  • 5 reinforcing tips on how to improve your questioning and Dialogue skills. Use these and people will be prepared to listen to what you have to say.
  • A key mistake to avoid. Don’t let anyone manipulate you into doing this otherwise you’ll end up in a losing position.
  • Something valuable that you can get from every conversation. This will help build your business and make all the difference to your earnings.
  • Why the “Feel, Felt Found” technique is most times ineffective and will make things worse.
  • What to do that will boost your confidence and ensure that any conversation will have a more favorable result for you.

What really comes out in this section is the difference between trying to persuade someone and allowing them to discover the truth for themselves.

At the end of this role play you’ll know exactly how to address any issues that arise about the morality and ethics of making money in network marketing.

OK, that’s what’s on the first audio. You can already see how there’s an easy way to handle problems that used to trouble you.

Let’s continue on to the two role plays on the second audio…

Role Play #3
Their Negativity is About Them… Not About You

Let’s now take a look at another situation where someone is flat-out, in-your-face hostile to the idea of network marketing. Like this…

So, is this one of those network marketing things?

Yeah, it is. Have you heard much about network marketing?

Oh, yeah. I’ve had friends that have been involved. I’ve gotten involved in a couple and have just gotten ripped off. There’s no way that I really want to be involved in it. Thanks but no thanks.

On the face of it, this isn’t very promising.

However, by acknowledging where Kathy is coming from and exploring her concerns we can get to the stage where she can ask herself “What if it were different?”

The result is…

I mean I was trying to go on this very negative attack towards you and network marketing and you just kind of turned it around and made it sound like, hey, it’s not so bad after all.

Quite a change from the start of the conversation. I’m sure you’ll agree.

Some of the key things from this segment are…

  • 5 Warnings! Don’t do these things when addressing concerns or you’ll just make a bad situation worse.
  • What you need to control if you want to get to the point where the other person is open to your ideas.
  • The only way you’re really going to change someone’s mind about network marketing on a lasting basis.

We’ve already covered a lot of ground on the first 3 role plays but there’s still more to come. On the final role play we deal with an issue you’re bound to have faced…

Role Play #4
How Not To Become a Victim Of Criticism

On this role play we see a situation where a chiropractor is extremely defensive because of some past negative experiences with network marketing companies.

And let’s be very clear. There are bad companies in the network marketing industry and there are some bad people. You will come across situations where people have had a bad experience.

But is this any different from other industries? Of course not! So there’s no need to allow network marketing to be unfairly singled out.

The truth is network marketing is an ethical business model and it offers many people the best opportunity for financial freedom and independence.

However, the way to get people to understand this is NOT by telling and trying to convince. Once again, the most powerful and effective approach is to help the other person discover for themselves the truth of what you’re saying.

Here’s some of the things that help you do just that…

  • 5 tips to deal with criticism.
  • Key phrases to use that immediately reduce any tension or potential conflict.
  • Some ways you can easily change negative perceptions about your products.

This is also the section where I answer that heart-felt question…

“Why is it that we allow ourselves to be so easily slaughtered by someone who comes back at us with a negative response even when we know that what we’re representing is something with integrity?”

What I have to say reveals the secret benefit for you that comes from understanding and applying the principles in this program.

I’ve made these 4 role plays the heart of the program for a simple reason. It’s a highly effective way for you to really learn these ideas and make them your own. Here’s what one of your colleagues has to say…

“Your hands on role playing actually takes theory and shows how to apply it. People can read about the ‘how to’ but actually demonstrating it is a far more powerful learning tool.”
Linda Cruickshank, Phoenix AZ.

To complete the program for you, there’s an extra section.

The Core Skills That Provide The Secret To
Answering Any Question

In addition to the 2 audio’s containing the role plays, there’s an additional audio where I discuss the best way to use dialogue and how to get the most from listening to the role plays.

This special audio is included in every edition of the “Power UP Your Dialogue” series.

Some of the things I talk about are…

  • 3 key ideas to concentrate on, so that you get the most from listening to the role plays.
  • The secret reason why dialogue is so powerful and why people almost can’t help but be attracted to you.
  • The tiny little thing that will make all the difference to the outcome of any conversation.
  • Why dialogue is the only approach that really does produce a “Win-Win” outcome.
  • How to make sure every conversation ends with a positive result.
  • Warning! You must resist the temptation to do this or the “Magic” of dialogue will not happen.
  • The 5 reasons why you get such powerful results from dialogue.

When you’ve listened to all the audio’s, you’ll know exactly the right way to answer with confidence the question… “Is This Network Marketing?”

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what your fellow Networkers have to say about “Is This Network Marketing?”…

“I have already recommended this program to others because it helps with the ‘Is This Network Marketing?’ question from prospective business partners. And what a great way to hear by example.”
Rick Grossaint, Boise, ID

“I would highly recommend this program to all my organization, whether they’re new or have a lot of experience. I’ve been in the business for over 11 years and I still learned things I could improve on when talking with people.”
Linda Cruickshank, Phoenix AZ

“I absolutely recommend this program because everyone is afraid of that question (or was at some point) so it really resonates.”
Kristin Cagan Quintana, San Carlos CA

Now let me tell you how to get your own copy of this essential program.

It’s Like Having Me Coach You But
At A Fraction of The Normal Price

The role plays that you will be listening to have been carefully selected from dozens of examples. They have been drawn from high-priced private teleclasses and group coaching sessions (that would cost up to $1000 an hour).

As you listen to these role plays and my comments about them, you’re getting the same benefits as if you were actually part of a coaching class.

In fact, it’s probably even better. You’re getting only the best examples and you can listen to them over and over again.

The result is a program where you hear for yourself exactly how to respond to that dreaded question “Is This Network Marketing?”

“Is This Network Marketing?” consists of 3 audio’s and runs for a total of 2 hours 21 minutes.

Private coaching classes with me for this amount of time would cost over $800. But you won’t have to pay anywhere near this.

Because I want as many of you to have these audio’s as possible, the price for this program is just $47.

You Also Get The Transcripts At No Extra Cost

To make “Is This Network Marketing” even more useful for you, I arranged to have transcripts made of the audios. So, you can read along as you’re listening. You can also refer back to the transcripts at any time.

These transcripts run to 73 pages. They are in an easy to access PDF format and you can download them straight away.

Normally, these transcripts cost an additional $29.95.

However, they are included at no extra cost when you order your copy of “Is This Network Marketing?”

 The Most Effective Way To Answer The Question
“Is This Network Marketing?” Or Your Money Back

After listening to these audios I’m totally confident that you will never again be wrong footed or tongue tied when someone says “Is This Network Marketing?”

However, as with all “Natural Selling” programs you are covered by my 100% money back guarantee for a full 30 days.

Try out the material on this program for 30 days. If it doesn’t make a difference to your confidence and ability to handle the question “Is This Network Marketing?” simply send it back to me and I’ll refund your $47 in full.

You can order in complete confidence that this is the right program for you or you get back every cent of your $47.

Best wishes


P.S. After listening to “Is This Network Marketing?” you’ll know the secrets to responding confidently and easily to any negative comments about your business or the network marketing industry. You won’t be held back by any fear of not knowing what to say.

P.P.S. Remember, you’re covered by my 30 day guarantee. If this program isn’t everything I say it is, you get your $47 back in full. Simply click here to reserve your copy.